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Librize is a service for making community spaces more interesting with books.

There are many community spaces with bookshelves. Borrowing and lending books there would most certainly create new communication. The only problem is that it's hard to come by a system to support it.

Librize effortlessly transforms such spaces into libraries.

All you need is a barcode reader and a Facebook account. The service is free and can be used immediately. If you are an operator or user of a community space, give Librize a try!

First, take a look!

Let's explore Librize.

  1. Search bookspots all over the country.
    Like here or here...
  2. If there's one nearby, stop by sometime!
    It's easy to borrow books. It will also help those who run stores and community spaces.
  3. Can't find one near you? No problem.
    Your bookshelf can become a library. Click here to open a bookspot with Librize.

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If you have questions or comments about Librize, visit our Facebook page!

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