• AuthorHayao Miyazaki
  • ISBN9781569317952

Spirited Away Film Comic, Vol. 5

Winner of the 2002 Academy Award for Best Animated feature, Spirited Away tells the story of 10-year-old Chihiro, a girl in the midst of a move to the suburbs who wanders into a strange town and finds a world of spirits ruled over by the mysterious Yubaba. Is Haku's illness really from a curse laid on him by Yubaba's sister Zeniba? Sen is about to journey to Zeniba's home in Swamp Bottom to find out. But before she can take the mystery train that leads there, she has to confront the frightening No Face, who's been tearing up the bath house and demanding to see her. Sen is on the verge of answering many questions. Can she pass Yubaba's final test in order to win back her parents, and even her real name?

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