• AuthorHilda Trujillo Gannit Ankori Circe Henestrosa
  • ISBN9788415118695

Frida by Ishiuchi

"Frida by Ishiuchi "is the first photographic documentation ever published of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo's personal attire and belongings, as portrayed by Japanese artist Miyako Ishiuchi. The victim of a nearly fatal bus accident as a young woman, Kahlo used fashion to channel her resulting physical difficulties into courageous statements of heritage, strength and beauty. Also focusing on the ways in which Kahlo used her iconic style to project her feminist and socialist beliefs, Ishiuchi's color photographs transform Kahlo's dresses, corsets, shoes, gloves, jewelry and other accessories into objects freighted with personal struggle, cultural awareness and sartorial inventiveness. Following Ishiuchi's acclaimed series "Mothers" and "Hiroshima," this collection provides a special look at a very intimate dimension of Frida Kahlo's universe.

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