• AuthorGilmore,JamesH/著 Pine,B.Joseph/著 PineIIB.Joseph/著
  • PublisherHarvard Business School Press
  • ISBN9780875848198
  • Publish Date0年9月

The experience economy : work is theatre & every business a stage

You are what you charge for. And if you're competing solely on the basis of price, then you've been commoditized, offering little or no true differentiation. What would your customers really value? Better yet, for what would they pay a premium? Experiences. The curtain is about to rise, say Pine and Gilmore, on the 'Experience Economy', a new economic era in which every business is a stage, and companies must design memorable events for which they charge admission. With "The Experience Economy", Pine and Gilmore explore how successful companies - using goods as props and services as the stage - create experiences that engage customers in an inherently personal way. Why does a cup of coffee cost more at a trendy cafe than it does at the corner diner or when brewed at home? It's the value that the experience holds for the individual that determines the worth of the offering and the work of the business. From online communities to airport parking, the authors draw from a rich and varied mix of examples that showcase businesses in the midst of creating engaging experiences for both consumers and corporate customers."The Experience Economy" marks the debut of an insightful, highly original, and yet eminently practical approach for companies to script and stage compelling experiences. In doing so, all workers become actors, intentionally creating specific effects for their customers. And it's the experiences they stage that create memorable -and lasting- impressions that ultimately create transformations within individuals. Make no mistake, say Pine and Gilmore: goods and services are no longer enough. Experiences are the foundation for future economic growth, and "The Experience Economy" is the playbook from which managers can begin to direct new performances.

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