• AuthorTove Jansson
  • ISBN9781770460973

Moominvalley Turns Jungle

THE TOVE JANSSON CLASSIC IN A NEW SOFTCOVER FORMAT Due to the resounding success of the hardcover Moomin comics by Tove Jansson and Lars Jansson, D+Q is reissuing this classic comic in an all-new format. Available in an affordable kid-proof but kid-friendly flexicover, and in full color for the first time, these books are slimmer versions of the hardcovers, with one story in each volume while previous editions collected four. A crate filled with tropical seeds washes ashore, and when Moominmamma plants the seeds, a lush rainforest erupts in Moominvalley. When Stinky liberates some exotic animals from the zoo, chaos ensues, and the Moomins are forced to prove once and for all whether or not they’re related to hippopotamuses.

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