• AuthorSofia Borges Sven Ehmann Robert Klanten
  • ISBN9783899554953


"WorkScape reveals how trailblazing companies from around the world are redefining where we work and how we work together. The book showcases office spaces by innovators such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Monocle, KPMG, Red Bull, and Urban Outfitters that promote new forms of work, creativity, and collaboration. In addition to presenting architecture and interior design, WorkScape also explores more unconventional parameters that can make going to and being at work more attractive and satisfying. The forward-thinking offers featured here include company-run childcare facilities, bike share programs, communal vegetable gardens, and fully equipped health and wellness facilities. In WorkScape, office environments from global players are shown alongside compelling examples from smaller enterprises, temporary ventures, and freelance endeavors that all shake off the cubicle culture of the past. The book's careful pairing of stunning images with in-depth project descriptions and detailed floor plans make it an invaluable reference for anyone looking to redefine their workplaces, impress their partners and clients, and inspire their staff to think outside the box."--Page 4 of cover.

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