• AuthorLisa Trusiani
  • ISBN9781646111152

The Story of George Washington

The life of George Washington for kids--a story about fighting for independence and building a country George Washington became the first president of the United States of America and is known as the father of our country. He won the fight for American independence from England, but before that, he was a hardworking kid who enjoyed challenging himself in school and sports. He learned that overcoming challenges in his life would help make him a great leader. Explore how George went from being an ambitious farm boy in Virginia to the most well-known founding father in American history. How will his revolutionary spirit inspire you? This book about George Washington for kids includes: See George's progress--Unlike other books about George Washington for kids, this one has a visual timeline of his life so you can get a picture of his important milestones. Helpful definitions--Discover a glossary with easy-to-understand definitions for the more advanced words and ideas in this book about George Washington for kids. A lasting legacy--This unique book about George Washington for kids explains how he changed the world for future generations and you. If you've been searching for fun, colorful books about George Washington for kids, look no further--this one has it all!

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