• ISBN9780241533369

My Book of Fossils

Unearth the treasures from the prehistoric world beneath your feet. From glittering ammonites to razor-sharp dinosaur claws and delicate leaf impressions, uncover our world's primeval past through the incredible fossils left behind. Arranged by plant or animal type, there are profiles of 50 key fossils, including well-loved favourites, such as Triceratops, and more curious remains, such as fossil fish teeth. Learn all about how fossils form, where they are found, and how ancient animals are reconstructed. Filled with facts and containing recently discovered species, this book will help even the biggest fossil fans learn something new. Stunning photographs can be studied in detail, while pronunciation guides help with tricky names, and a visual index provides a quick overview of all the key plants and animals in the book. My Book of Fossils is an engrossing children's book about fossils and dinosaurs, and is sure to be a hit with fact-obsessed young enthusiasts of all things prehistoric.

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