• AuthorJennifer McCartney
  • ISBN9780008527051

Ugly-Cute: What Misunderstood Animals Can Teach Us about Life

It's time to shun our perfectionist society and discover the beauty in everything! Ugly-Cute is an adorkable compilation of misunderstood, underappreciated species including well-known lovable uggos, like sun bears and pugs, as well as obscure weirdos, like the star-nosed mole and the aye-aye. Each chapter is dedicated to a different ugly-cute animal and the ways in which we can learn from them. Featuring: 1. Pink Fairy Armadillo 2. Aye Aye 3. Star-nosed Mole 4. Wombat 5. Sucker-footed Bat 6. Sun Bear 7. Tapir 8. Anteater 9. White-faced Saki Monkey 10. Yeti Crab 11. Pug 12. Axolotl Salamander 13. Proboscis Monkey 14. Aquatic Scrotum Frog 15. Emu 16. Blobfish 17. Hairless Cat and more!

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