• AuthorMartin Parr
  • ISBN9780714838953

Boring Postcards

The 160 postcards presented in this volume have been reproduced as found, inheir original size, with all the character of the original reproduction,mateur retouching, crinkly edges and bent corners. Treated as art objectsith a classic white border surround, each is captioned with their originalescriptor as printed on the front or reverse - for example: A40 Traffic;arket Precinct, Scunthorpe; A bend on Porlock Hill.;All the postcardseatured depict scenes in the British Isles; most stem from a period ofptimism in Britain as new civic centres, motorways, airports and powertations were built and launched. To qualify as "boring", the photographs hado be arguably boring or absent of anything interesting. The postcards,inally, are not boring at all, but powerful, interesting and loadedtatements about time and place and the aesthetic of Britain.

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