Yoshino Libraries

“Yoshino Town Libraries” are libraries that spreads all over Yoshino, Nara Pref. Each library has its own theme and personality, and visitors will meet new purposes and provide discovery. People and books are interacting in various places throughout the city, including cafes, inns, shops, government offices, and paperbacks. May Yoshino Town Libraries be one of your travel destinations.

new & donated

  • ゴールデンスランバー / A memory
  • 虹を待つ彼女
  • ガソリン生活
  • キャプテンサンダーボルト
  • オリンピックの身代金 上
  • オリンピックの身代金 下
  • 脂肪と言う名の服を着て / 完全版
  • 隻眼の少女
  • 素敵な日本人
  • 怪しい人びと / 傑作推理小説