Yoshino Libraries

“Yoshino Town Libraries” are libraries that spreads all over Yoshino, Nara Pref. Each library has its own theme and personality, and visitors will meet new purposes and provide discovery. People and books are interacting in various places throughout the city, including cafes, inns, shops, government offices, and paperbacks. May Yoshino Town Libraries be one of your travel destinations.

new & donated

  • ONE PIECE 巻105
  • ONE PIECE 巻108
  • ワンコイン心理術 / 500円で人のこころをつかむ心理学
  • サイボーグ009VSデビルマン / トゥレチェリイズ~裏切り者たち~
  • あなたの余命教えます
  • 破蕾
  • 映画ノベライズ 耳をすませば
  • はい、泳げません
  • 堪忍箱 改版
  • 南くんの恋人