Information Station

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The Information Station is an NPO which tackles Community Development on the theme of "Reaginal Exchange." We manage the private-public library based on donation books and volunteers mainly on Funabashi-city, Chiba. Anyone can use for free and friendly as community space. "The place which all generations can get together and have friendly communication", "the space which are neither the office or a home and which feel comfortable" We aims at creating a lot of libraries such as those communities.

new & donated

  • ひとり暮らし (新潮文庫)
  • 競馬どんぶり (幻冬舎アウトロー文庫)
  • 国盗り物語〈1〉斎藤道三〈前編〉 (新潮文庫)
  • 国盗り物語〈2〉斎藤道三〈後編〉 (新潮文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈1〉 (文春文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈2〉 (文春文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈3〉 (文春文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈4〉 (文春文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈5〉 (文春文庫)
  • 菜の花の沖〈6〉 (文春文庫)