Information Station

The Information Station is an NPO which tackles Community Development on the theme of "Reaginal Exchange." We manage the private-public library based on donation books and volunteers mainly on Funabashi-city, Chiba. Anyone can use for free and friendly as community space. "The place which all generations can get together and have friendly communication", "the space which are neither the office or a home and which feel comfortable" We aims at creating a lot of libraries such as those communities.

new & donated

  • 照柿 下
  • 照柿 上
  • わかってもらえる「聞き方、話し方」 / 「心の距離」が近くなる60のヒント
  • かくれた自分がわかる心理テスト
  • 「あなたを傷つける人」の心理 / きずな喪失症候群
  • ディズニーの魔法
  • 東京バンドワゴン
  • 笑ってばかりで、ゴメンナサイ!!
  • 明暗
  • みつけよう! ふゆ