Machi Library

This page shows you books through "The Machi-Juku@Machi-Library". The Machi-Jyuku is a knowledge works among neighborhoods over the Machi-Libraries( a independent volunteerism based library) , which are more than 40 and located at cafes,galleries,shared offices,temples,hospitals and so on all over Japan. The participants bring book with themselves message, introduce it each other and exchange them.

new & donated

  • チックタック~約束の時計台~
  • アイデアのつくり方
  • アイデアのちから
  • スーパーカブファン / 「特集」カブの遊びつくし方
  • All about SUPER CUB 改訂版 / スーパーカブ大全
  • ひらいてごらんどうぶつえほん 4
  • 百歳まで歩く / 正しく歩けば寿命は延びる!
  • バナナの皮はなぜすべるのか?
  • すまいる
  • こんなかおできる?