Machi Library

This page shows you books through "The Machi-Juku@Machi-Library". The Machi-Jyuku is a knowledge works among neighborhoods over the Machi-Libraries( a independent volunteerism based library) , which are more than 40 and located at cafes,galleries,shared offices,temples,hospitals and so on all over Japan. The participants bring book with themselves message, introduce it each other and exchange them.

new & donated

  • the four GAFA / 四騎士が創り変えた世界
  • 事業構想 2019年 01月号
  • TURNS (ターンズ) 2019年 02月号
  • エジプトの全遺跡
  • 全日本食えば食える図鑑
  • 強力伝 孤島 改版
  • はぴはぴくるねこ 3
  • はぴはぴくるねこ 2
  • はぴはぴくるねこ 1
  • 三国志曹操孟徳伝 / 「戦う前に勝利する」曹操の実像と実力に迫る!